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LanDavi Farms is located in the luscious Green Mountains of Vermont. It is owned and run by sisters and was created through our own need to provide healthy food for our families. Here at LanDavi we raise sheep, goats, and chickens as well as vegetables, fruits and herbs. We will be offering products grown and raised or created on our farm with the same love and tenderness that we raise the food for our own children. Please feel free to look around and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. 

 Note on the purchase of animals through our web store: Purchasing animals through our store can be done through email or phone contact only. We will not accept payments made through ad to cart. If you use the ad to cart button to purchase live animals without contacting us money will be refunded and your purchase will not be honored. This is our way to ensure that our animals go to good homes and are well taken care of. 

Further Note:  This website is constantly changing in what products are available and what are now out of season.  Keep checking with us for our newest additions.  Additionally, we are constantly changing and upgrading to make our site all it can be for you, our customer; feedback is greatly appreciated.




Goats, Sheep and Roosters are teaching our young pigs that grazing on grass is good and fun. Out-building are currently awaiting a coating of paint as we were seasoning them.




Just one of our many produce gardens that we harvest from and offer excess to others.


A flower frame partial view of our nursery area for lambs, kids and the lady layer hens. who have the run of the whole back side range.  Although the fencing has been updated with field fencing and electric to stop predators.



Flower plants, herb plants and herb cuttings are also offerred so that we may share with others our excess.


Excess herb cuttings are also offerred to all to allow them to use those special fresh flavorings even if the don't wish or can't grow them.


We even can help you with the FRESHEST FERTILIZER--horse manure 


People With Valuable Services


John Place Processing


Chicken and other animal

processing at your home.

Also available to teach

processing methods to others

who are committed to harvesting t

heir own healthier meat supply.

(And our Sister site)


Palmenville's Landscaping

Charles Palmenville
Landscaper who is a jack-of-trades.

There is no job too small. Exceptional,

professional service every time.
Servicing many counties




Mary Lake Sheep

Sheaering   Service   



Mary Lake

PO Box 321

Waitsfield, VT 05672


Sheep sheering

Hoof trimming







Colt Ridge Horse


Robyn Berno

1031 Clark Road

Cornwall, VT





Horse Trainer  your

Home or hers. She can also

 help find or provide you

 with that perfect equine friend.


Hemingway Farms

Danielle Hemingway

Monkton, VT





For the best, friendliest and healtiest pigs,        

give Dani a call.  After 2 extremely

wonderfully friendly and healthy batches of  pigs from her farm, she rates 4-thumbs up from us.


's Online Lawnsale

423 Monkton Road

Vergennes, Vermont 05491

A year-round online lawnsale

website for fantastic purchases,

at lawnsale saving prices. 
This site is forever changing

as more things become availabe,

are listed or when we find
a new and better way to make

this site a more user friendly s

ite for you, our valued customers.
Check us out at:


















LanDavi Farms  Has Two Locations


423 Monkton Road                   7755   Plank Road          

Vergennes, Vermont                 Bristol, Vermont

      05491                                      05443











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